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Pernambuco, Brazil

Pernambuco is one of 27 primary administrative regions in Brazil with a population of approximately 8,796,032 people.

Facts and figures on Pernambuco at a glance

Region name: Pernambuco (Pernambuco)
Status: Primary administrative region
Population: 8,796,032 people
Country: Brazil
Continent: South America

The regional headquarters of Pernambuco (Pernambuco) is located in the regional capital Recife (Recife) with a population of 1,478,098 people.

The distance as the crow flies from Pernambuco's regional capital Recife to Brazil's capital Brasilia (Brasília) is approximately 1,658 km (1,030 mi).

Facts and figures about Pernambuco
RegionPopulationRegional capitalPopulation
Pernambuco Pernambuco8,796,032 peopleRecife Recife1,478,098 people

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Map of Pernambuco

Map of Pernambuco

Information on Pernambuco

Information on Pernambuco
Region nameRegional capitalSubregionsCountryContinent
Pernambuco PernambucoRecife Recife185BrazilSouth America

Time in Pernambuco

Time in Pernambuco
Current timeSummer time (DST)Standard timeCurrent timezone offsetTimezone
Tue, 18 Sep 2018 - 11:04pmNoTue, 18 Sep 2018 - 11:04pmUTC -3.0America/Recife

Geographic coordinates of Pernambuco

Latitude & Longitude of Pernambuco
PositionLatitude (width)Longitude (length)
Show on map8°19'60.0"S (-8.3333300°)37°45'00.0"W (-37.7500000°)

Subregions in Pernambuco

There are 185 administrative subregions in Pernambuco.
Subregions in Pernambuco
RegionNoPopulationRegional capitalCapital population
Abreu E Lima Abreu e Lima1.94,428--
Afogados Da Ingazeira Afogados da Ingazeira2.35,091--
Afranio Afrânio3.17,588--
Agrestina Agrestina4.22,680--
Agua Preta Água Preta5.33,046--
Aguas Belas Águas Belas6.40,007--
Alagoinha Alagoinha7.13,761--
Alianca Aliança8.37,414--
Altinho Altinho9.22,363--
Amaraji Amaraji10.21,925--
Angelim Angelim11.10,204--
Aracoiaba Araçoiaba12.18,144--
Araripina Araripina13.77,363--
Arcoverde Arcoverde14.69,157--
Barra De Guabiraba Barra de Guabiraba15.12,765--
Barreiros Barreiros16.40,720--
Belem De Maria Belém de Maria17.11,349--
Belem do Sao Francisco Belém do São Francisco18.20,236--
Belo Jardim Belo Jardim19.72,412--
Betania Betânia20.12,005--
Bezerros Bezerros21.58,675--
Bodoco Bodocó22.35,178--
Bom Conselho Bom Conselho23.45,506--
Bom Jardim Bom Jardim24.37,828--
Bonito Bonito25.37,570--
Brejao Brejão26.8,851--
Brejinho Brejinho27.7,307--
Brejo Da Madre De Deus Brejo da Madre de Deus28.45,192--
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires29.12,537--
Buique Buíque30.51,990--
Cabo De Santo Agostinho Cabo de Santo Agostinho31.185,123--
Cabrobo Cabrobó32.30,883--
Cachoeirinha Cachoeirinha33.18,833--
Caetes Caetés34.26,577--
Calcado Calçado35.11,125--
Calumbi Calumbi36.5,651--
Camaragibe Camaragibe37.144,506--
Camocim De Sao Felix Camocim de São Félix38.17,104--
Camutanga Camutanga39.8,147--
Canhotinho Canhotinho40.24,536--
Capoeiras Capoeiras41.19,593--
Carnaiba Carnaíba42.18,585--
Carnaubeira Da Penha Carnaubeira da Penha43.11,782--
Carpina Carpina44.74,851--
Caruaru Caruaru45.314,951Caruaru Caruaru235,371
Casinhas Casinhas46.13,791--
Catende Catende47.37,830--
Cedro Cedro48.10,778--
Cha De Alegria Chã de Alegria49.12,375--
Cha Grande Chã Grande50.20,020--
Condado Condado51.24,298--
Correntes Correntes52.17,421--
Cortes Cortês53.12,458--
Cumaru Cumaru54.17,166--
Cupira Cupira55.23,392--
Custodia Custódia56.34,305--
Dormentes Dormentes57.16,915--
Escada Escada58.63,535--
Exu Exu59.31,636--
Feira Nova Feira Nova60.20,588--
Fernando De Noronha Fernando de Noronha61.2,629--
Ferreiros Ferreiros62.11,437--
Flores Flores63.22,171--
Floresta Floresta64.29,284--
Frei Miguelinho Frei Miguelinho65.14,231--
Gameleira Gameleira66.27,915--
Garanhuns Garanhuns67.129,392--
Gloria Do Goita Glória do Goitá68.29,675--
Goiana Goiana69.75,648--
Granito Granito70.6,857--
Gravata Gravatá71.76,669--
Iati Iati72.18,271--
Ibimirim Ibimirim73.26,959--
Ibirajuba Ibirajuba74.7,534--
Igarassu Igarassu75.101,987--
Iguaraci Iguaraci76.11,780--
Inaja Inajá77.19,081--
Ingazeira Ingazeira78.4,496--
Ipojuca Ipojuca79.80,542--
Ipubi Ipubi80.28,120--
Itacuruba Itacuruba81.4,369--
Itaiba Itaíba82.26,264--
Itamaraca Ilha de Itamaracá83.22,449--
Itambe Itambé84.35,398--
Itapetim Itapetim85.13,882--
Itapissuma Itapissuma86.23,723--
Itaquitinga Itaquitinga87.15,698--
Jaboatao Dos Guararapes Jaboatão dos Guararapes88.644,699Jaboatao dos Guararapes Jaboatão dos Guararapes630,008
Jaqueira Jaqueira89.11,513--
Jatauba Jataúba90.15,810--
Jatoba Jatobá91.13,982--
Joao Alfredo João Alfredo92.30,735--
Joaquim Nabuco Joaquim Nabuco93.15,774--
Jucati Jucati94.10,604--
Jupi Jupi95.13,709--
Jurema Jurema96.14,494--
Lagoa de Itaenga Lagoa de Itaenga97.20,653--
Lagoa Do Carro Lagoa do Carro98.15,990--
Lagoa Do Ouro Lagoa do Ouro99.12,121--
Lagoa Dos Gatos Lagoa dos Gatos100.15,615--
Lagoa Grande Lagoa Grande101.22,719--
Lajedo Lajedo102.36,606--
Limoeiro Limoeiro103.55,574--
Macaparana Macaparana104.23,907--
Machados Machados105.13,632--
Manari Manari106.18,187--
Maraial Maraial107.12,257--
Mirandiba Mirandiba108.14,308--
Moreilandia Moreilândia109.11,137--
Moreno Moreno110.56,767--
Nazare Da Mata Nazaré da Mata111.30,782--
Olinda Olinda112.375,559--
Orobo Orobó113.22,865--
Oroco Orocó114.13,176--
Ouricuri Ouricuri115.64,335--
Palmares Palmares116.59,524--
Palmeirina Palmeirina117.8,188--
Panelas Panelas118.25,654--
Paranatama Paranatama119.11,001--
Parnamirim Parnamirim120.20,227--
Passira Passira121.28,664--
Paudalho Paudalho122.51,374--
Paulista Paulista123.300,611--
Pedra Pedra124.20,950--
Pesqueira Pesqueira125.62,793--
Petrolandia Petrolândia126.32,485--
Petrolina Petrolina127.294,081--
Pocao Poção128.11,242--
Pombos Pombos129.24,033--
Primavera Primavera130.13,439--
Quipapa Quipapá131.24,187--
Quixaba Quixaba132.6,735--
Recife Recife133.1,536,934Recife Recife1,478,098
Riacho Das Almas Riacho das Almas134.19,158--
Ribeirao Ribeirão135.44,445Ribeirao Ribeirão29,818
Rio Formoso Rio Formoso136.22,140Rio Formoso Rio Formoso15,518
Saire Sairé137.11,242--
Salgadinho Salgadinho138.9,287--
Salgueiro Salgueiro139.56,641--
Saloa Saloá140.15,283--
Sanharo Sanharó141.21,960--
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz142.13,594--
Santa Cruz Da Baixa Verde Santa Cruz da Baixa Verde143.11,769--
Santa Cruz Do Capibaribe Santa Cruz do Capibaribe144.87,538--
Santa Filomena Santa Filomena145.13,322--
Santa Maria Da Boa Vista Santa Maria da Boa Vista146.39,473--
Santa Maria Do Cambuca Santa Maria do Cambucá147.13,023--
Santa Terezinha Santa Terezinha148.10,991--
Sao Benedito Do Sul São Benedito do Sul149.13,939--
Sao Bento Do Una São Bento do Una150.53,232--
Sao Caitano São Caitano151.35,278--
Sao Joao São João152.21,305--
Sao Joaquim Do Monte São Joaquim do Monte153.20,489--
Sao Jose Da Coroa Grande São José da Coroa Grande154.18,172--
Sao Jose Do Belmonte São José do Belmonte155.32,620--
Sao Jose Do Egito São José do Egito156.31,838--
Sao Lourenco Da Mata São Lourenço da Mata157.102,956--
Sao Vicente Ferrer São Vicente Ferrer158.17,000--
Serra Talhada Serra Talhada159.79,241--
Serrita Serrita160.18,331--
Sertania Sertânia161.33,723--
Sirinhaem Sirinhaém162.40,852Sirinhaem Sirinhaém40,852
Solidao Solidão163.5,744--
Surubim Surubim164.58,444--
Tabira Tabira165.26,430--
Tacaimbo Tacaimbó166.12,704--
Tacaratu Tacaratu167.22,073--
Tamandare Tamandaré168.20,745Tamandare Tamandaré17,954
Taquaritinga Do Norte Taquaritinga do Norte169.24,923--
Terezinha Terezinha170.6,737--
Terra Nova Terra Nova171.9,256--
Timbauba Timbaúba172.53,823--
Toritama Toritama173.35,631--
Tracunhaem Tracunhaém174.13,055--
Trindade Trindade175.26,116--
Triunfo Triunfo176.15,006--
Tupanatinga Tupanatinga177.24,254--
Tuparetama Tuparetama178.7,925--
Venturosa Venturosa179.16,064--
Verdejante Verdejante180.9,142--
Vertente Do Lerio Vertente do Lério181.7,894--
Vertentes Vertentes182.18,267--
Vicencia Vicência183.30,731--
Vitoria De Santo Antao Vitória de Santo Antão184.130,540--
Xexeu Xexéu185.14,092--

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