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Distances from Sorocaba

Distances from Sorocaba to the largest cities and places in Brazil. Have a closer look at the distances from Sorocaba to the largest places in Brazil.

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Distances from Sorocaba to the largest places in Brazil
Votorantim Votorantim1.99,3905.4 km 3.4 mishow
Mairinque Mairinque2.44,45628 km 18 mishow
Itu Itu3.137,58631 km 19 mishow
Boituva Boituva4.48,75033 km 20 mishow
Sao Roque São Roque5.50,54033 km 21 mishow
Salto Salto6.98,38738 km 23 mishow
Tatui Tatuí7.93,58044 km 27 mishow
Indaiatuba Indaiatuba8.179,91152 km 33 mishow
Itapevi Itapevi9.201,74854 km 33 mishow
Santana de Parnaiba Santana de Parnaíba10.98,98956 km 35 mishow
Cotia Cotia11.174,82856 km 35 mishow
Jandira Jandira12.113,60557 km 35 mishow
Barueri Barueri13.251,99459 km 37 mishow
Cajamar Cajamar14.56,68262 km 38 mishow
Itapetininga Itapetininga15.126,24362 km 38 mishow
Carapicuiba Carapicuíba16.361,11264 km 40 mishow
Embu Embu17.221,73364 km 40 mishow
Itapecerica da Serra Itapecerica da Serra18.151,60567 km 41 mishow
Osasco Osasco19.677,85668 km 42 mishow
Jundiai Jundiaí20.321,58968 km 42 mishow
Taboao da Serra Taboão da Serra21.214,52369 km 43 mishow
Varzea Paulista Várzea Paulista22.110,93672 km 45 mishow
Vinhedo Vinhedo23.56,49272 km 45 mishow
Caieiras Caieiras24.87,18875 km 47 mishow
Embu Guacu Embu Guaçu25.76,31076 km 47 mishow
Hortolandia Hortolândia26.203,53376 km 47 mishow
Valinhos Valinhos27.88,63076 km 47 mishow
Francisco Morato Francisco Morato28.171,79077 km 48 mishow
Franco da Rocha Franco da Rocha29.108,85877 km 48 mishow
Campinas Campinas30.1,031,55478 km 48 mishow
Sumare Sumaré31.227,97778 km 49 mishow
Nova Odessa Nova Odessa32.49,43282 km 51 mishow
Santa Barbara d'Oeste Santa Bárbara d'Oeste33.188,00083 km 52 mishow
Itatiba Itatiba34.67,93484 km 52 mishow
Sao Paulo São Paulo35.10,021,29584 km 52 mishow
Americana Americana36.196,02286 km 53 mishow
Diadema Diadema37.390,63388 km 54 mishow
Paulinia Paulínia38.65,59588 km 55 mishow
Piracicaba Piracicaba39.342,20989 km 55 mishow
Mairipora Mairiporã40.54,41591 km 57 mishow
Sao Caetano do Sul São Caetano do Sul41.136,45394 km 58 mishow
Sao Bernardo do Campo São Bernardo do Campo42.743,37294 km 58 mishow
Guarulhos Guarulhos43.1,169,57795 km 59 mishow
Santo Andre Santo André44.662,37396 km 59 mishow
Cosmopolis Cosmópolis45.47,77299 km 62 mishow
Itanhaem Itanhaém46.90,385102 km 63 mishow
Atibaia Atibaia47.110,968102 km 64 mishow
Peruibe Peruíbe48.63,030102 km 64 mishow
Maua Mauá49.386,069103 km 64 mishow
Limeira Limeira50.289,665104 km 65 mishow

1 - 50 of 499 places
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