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Tocantins, Brazil

Tocantins is one of 27 primary administrative regions in Brazil with a population of approximately 1,383,453 people.

Facts and figures on Tocantins at a glance

Region name: Tocantins (Tocantins)
Status: Primary administrative region
Population: 1,383,453 people
Country: Brazil
Continent: South America

The regional headquarters of Tocantins (Tocantins) is located in the regional capital Palmas (Palmas) with a population of 196,272 people.

The distance as the crow flies from Tocantins's regional capital Palmas to Brazil's capital Brasilia (Brasília) is approximately 623 km (387 mi).

Facts and figures about Tocantins
RegionPopulationRegional capitalPopulation
Tocantins Tocantins1,383,453 peoplePalmas Palmas196,272 people

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Map of Tocantins

Map of Tocantins

Information on Tocantins

Information on Tocantins
Region nameRegional capitalSubregionsCountryContinent
Tocantins TocantinsPalmas Palmas139BrazilSouth America

Time in Tocantins

Time in Tocantins
Current timeSummer time (DST)Standard timeCurrent timezone offsetTimezone
Tue, 18 Sep 2018 - 11:05pmNoTue, 18 Sep 2018 - 11:05pmUTC -3.0America/Araguaina

Geographic coordinates of Tocantins

Latitude & Longitude of Tocantins
PositionLatitude (width)Longitude (length)
Show on map10°30'00.0"S (-10.5000000°)48°00'00.0"W (-48.0000000°)

Subregions in Tocantins

There are 139 administrative subregions in Tocantins.
Subregions in Tocantins
RegionNoPopulationRegional capitalCapital population
Abreulandia Abreulândia1.2,387--
Aguiarnopolis Aguiarnópolis2.5,158--
Alianca Do Tocantins Aliança do Tocantins3.5,663--
Almas Almas4.7,595--
Alvorada Alvorada5.8,380--
Ananas Ananás6.9,873--
Angico Angico7.3,169--
Aparecida Do Rio Negro Aparecida do Rio Negro8.4,213--
Aragominas Aragominas9.5,882--
Araguacema Araguacema10.6,317--
Araguacu Araguaçu11.8,786--
Araguaina Araguaína12.150,520--
Araguana Araguanã13.5,030--
Araguatins Araguatins14.31,324--
Arapoema Arapoema15.6,742--
Arraias Arraias16.10,643--
Augustinopolis Augustinópolis17.15,965--
Aurora Do Tocantins Aurora do Tocantins18.3,446--
Axixa Do Tocantins Axixá do Tocantins19.9,275--
Babaculandia Babaçulândia20.10,446--
Bandeirantes Do Tocantins Bandeirantes do Tocantins21.3,124--
Barra Do Ouro Barra do Ouro22.4,123--
Barrolandia Barrolândia23.5,346--
Bernardo Sayao Bernardo Sayão24.4,467--
Bom Jesus Do Tocantins Bom Jesus do Tocantins25.3,768--
Brasilandia Do Tocantins Brasilândia do Tocantins26.2,066--
Brejinho De Nazare Brejinho de Nazaré27.5,188--
Buriti Do Tocantins Buriti do Tocantins28.9,770--
Cachoeirinha Cachoeirinha29.2,148--
Campos Lindos Campos Lindos30.8,139--
Cariri Do Tocantins Cariri do Tocantins31.3,754--
Carmolandia Carmolândia32.2,305--
Carrasco Bonito Carrasco Bonito33.3,690--
Caseara Caseara34.4,601--
Centenario Centenário35.2,565--
Chapada Da Natividade Chapada da Natividade36.3,280--
Chapada De Areia Chapada de Areia37.1,335--
Colinas Do Tocantins Colinas do Tocantins38.30,879--
Colmeia Colméia39.8,607--
Combinado Combinado40.4,669--
Conceicao Do Tocantins Conceição do Tocantins41.4,182--
Couto De Magalhaes Couto de Magalhães42.5,009--
Cristalandia Cristalândia43.7,218--
Crixas Do Tocantins Crixás do Tocantins44.1,566--
Darcinopolis Darcinópolis45.5,273--
Dianopolis Dianópolis46.19,110--
Divinopolis Do Tocantins Divinópolis do Tocantins47.6,363--
Dois Irmaos Do Tocantins Dois Irmãos do Tocantins48.7,161--
Duere Dueré49.4,589--
Esperantina Esperantina50.9,476--
Fatima Fátima51.3,805--
Figueiropolis Figueirópolis52.5,340--
Filadelfia Filadélfia53.8,502--
Formoso Do Araguaia Formoso do Araguaia54.18,428--
Fortaleza Do Tabocao Fortaleza do Tabocão55.2,423--
Goianorte Goianorte56.4,960--
Goiatins Goiatins57.12,064--
Guarai Guaraí58.23,212--
Gurupi Gurupi59.76,765--
Ipueiras Ipueiras60.1,639--
Itacaja Itacajá61.7,104--
Itaguatins Itaguatins62.6,029--
Itapiratins Itapiratins63.3,534--
Itapora Do Tocantins Itaporã do Tocantins64.2,439--
Jau Do Tocantins Jaú do Tocantins65.3,507--
Juarina Juarina66.2,231--
Lagoa Da Confusao Lagoa da Confusão67.10,215--
Lagoa Do Tocantins Lagoa do Tocantins68.3,525--
Lajeado Lajeado69.2,773--
Lavandeira Lavandeira70.1,605--
Lizarda Lizarda71.3,731--
Luzinopolis Luzinópolis72.2,622--
Marianopolis Do Tocantins Marianópolis do Tocantins73.4,352--
Mateiros Mateiros74.2,219--
Maurilandia Do Tocantins Maurilândia do Tocantins75.3,158--
Miracema Do Tocantins Miracema do Tocantins76.20,692--
Miranorte Miranorte77.12,626--
Monte Do Carmo Monte do Carmo78.6,717--
Monte Santo Do Tocantins Monte Santo do Tocantins79.2,085--
Mosquito Palmeiras do Tocantins80.5,746--
Muricilandia Muricilândia81.3,152--
Natividade Natividade82.9,000--
Nazare Nazaré83.4,386--
Nova Olinda Nova Olinda84.10,686--
Nova Rosalandia Nova Rosalândia85.3,770--
Novo Acordo Novo Acordo86.3,762--
Novo Alegre Novo Alegre87.2,286--
Novo Jardim Novo Jardim88.2,457--
Oliveira De Fatima Oliveira de Fátima89.1,035--
Palmas Palmas90.228,297Palmas Palmas196,272
Palmeirante Palmeirante91.4,954--
Palmeiropolis Palmeirópolis92.7,342--
Paraiso Do Tocantins Paraíso do Tocantins93.44,432--
Parana Paranã94.10,335--
Pau D'Arco Pau d'Arco95.4,588--
Pedro Afonso Pedro Afonso96.11,542--
Peixe Peixe97.10,389--
Pequizeiro Pequizeiro98.5,052--
Pindorama Do Tocantins Pindorama do Tocantins99.4,506--
Piraque Piraquê100.2,920--
Pium Pium101.6,696--
Ponte Alta Do Bom Jesus Ponte Alta do Bom Jesus102.4,548--
Ponte Alta Do Tocantins Ponte Alta do Tocantins103.7,180--
Porto Alegre Do Tocantins Porto Alegre do Tocantins104.2,795--
Porto Nacional Porto Nacional105.49,143--
Praia Norte Praia Norte106.7,661--
Presidente Kennedy Presidente Kennedy107.3,685--
Pugmil Pugmil108.2,366--
Recursolandia Recursolândia109.3,768--
Riachinho Riachinho110.4,183--
Rio Da Conceicao Rio da Conceição111.1,714--
Rio Dos Bois Rio dos Bois112.2,570--
Rio Sono Rio Sono113.6,259--
Sampaio Sampaio114.3,868--
Sandolandia Sandolândia115.3,326--
Santa Fe Do Araguaia Santa Fé do Araguaia116.6,599--
Santa Maria Do Tocantins Santa Maria do Tocantins117.2,894--
Santa Rita Do Tocantins Santa Rita do Tocantins118.2,128--
Santa Rosa Do Tocantins Santa Rosa do Tocantins119.4,568--
Santa Tereza Do Tocantins Santa Tereza do Tocantins120.2,523--
Santa Terezinha Do Tocantins Santa Terezinha do Tocantins121.2,471--
Sao Bento Do Tocantins São Bento do Tocantins122.4,615--
Sao Felix Do Tocantins São Félix do Tocantins123.1,445--
Sao Miguel Do Tocantins São Miguel do Tocantins124.10,490--
Sao Salvador Do Tocantins São Salvador do Tocantins125.2,910--
Sao Sebastiao Do Tocantins São Sebastião do Tocantins126.4,283--
Sao Valerio Da Natividade São Valério da Natividade127.4,384--
Silvanopolis Silvanópolis128.5,071--
Sitio Novo Do Tocantins Sítio Novo do Tocantins129.9,148--
Sucupira Sucupira130.1,739--
Taguatinga Taguatinga131.15,053Taguatinga Taguatinga13,711
Taipas Do Tocantins Taipas do Tocantins132.1,945--
Talisma Talismã133.2,562--
Tocantinia Tocantínia134.6,598--
Tocantinopolis Tocantinópolis135.22,608--
Tupirama Tupirama136.1,574--
Tupiratins Tupiratins137.2,097--
Wanderlandia Wanderlândia138.10,978--
Xambioa Xambioá139.11,484--

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